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December update
Please note change:  All cheques must be made out to PETER DUNCAN (not Albacore Transport as previously indicated).  If you have already mailed a cheque, please contact me and we can work out how to correct this situation.

ONLY 4 (four) spots remain… with several expressing interest in these.

In the container as of today:

Helm				Crew			Albacore #
Barney Harris		David Byron			8200
Peter Duncan		TBD				8199
Jamie Stanley		Julie Stewart			8198
Bob Bear			TBD				8123

Who else wants to go?  Get your $300 deposit in the mail ASAP


Don't miss the boat!
Container to Abersoch leaves in 6 MONTHS!!

I will be organizing a container to take boats over to Abersoch, Wales for the 2013 Internationals and bring them back after the event.  The preliminary plan is as follows:

June 30		Load container in Hampton, VA following US Nationals
July 30		Boats available to unload in Abersoch, UK
Aug 3		2013 Internationals begins with measurement and practice race  (see details below)
Aug 9		Final race and prize giving   
Sept 6		Unload container in Washington area (probably WSM) in advance of President's Cup regatta

Total cost for transport depends on how many boats we end up shipping.  I usually bundle in entry fee and regatta insurance to relieve competitors from need to handle international exchange for these items.  The current estimate of the total cost of transport, regatta insurance and entry fee to be in the range of $1000-2000 per boat.  Previous costs per boat have been $1200 in 2001 and $1500 in 2005.

Deposit Schedule
Initial deposit $300.  2nd deposit in Jan-Feb.  ≈ $500.   3rd deposit in Apr. ≈ $500.  Final Deposit in May.

Container spaces are allocated based on date of receipt of your initial deposit.  Preliminary interest suggest we will use an 8 boat container.  Two deposits are already in, leaving only 6 more spots available.  You can secure your place in the container by sending your NON_REFUNDABLE deposit in US$ to me.  I have opened a separate bank account to hold funds and disburse as needed to pay expenses.  Make cheques payable to Peter Duncan.

Mail to:

Peter Duncan
550M Ritchie Hwy, #144
Severna Park, MD 21146

You are under no obligation to continue to fund deposits (if you determine you can not go).  Your only commitment is deposits already received which are non-refundable once paid.  You may sell your space to another sailor.  I will collect a small surplus of funds to cover unexpected contingencies.  Any excess amounts collected will be refunded approximately 3-6 months after boats return to USA and all fees and contingencies have been paid.

If you have any questions, please contact me.  Feel free to forward this to other sailors who may be interested in going. The more spaces we fill in the container the lower the cost for all.

Best regards,

Peter Duncan

sailfaster at

Mailing Address and Office contact information:

550M Ritchie Hwy, #144
Severna Park, MD 21146
410-431-5480 (office)
410-507-1858 (mobile)

Event Details from Mike Banner, Regatta Chairman

The event will take place at South Caernavonshire Yacht Club at Abersoch, North Wales from Sat 3rd to Fri 9th Aug 2013. We are aiming to get a minimum of 50 boats and already have 15 UK boats committed.

The entry fees will be:

£135 for entry before 1st May 2013 (ie 3 months before event)

£155 for entry after 1st May 2013

The racing programme will be:

2 races per day on:

Sun 4th
Mon 5th
Tues 6th

Lay Day- Wed 7th - Junior Championship for Under 21 helms if enough interest

2 races per day on:

Thurs 8th
Fri 9th plus Prizegiving after racing

A total of 10 races from which:

The first 6 with 1 discard will decide the UK Nationals (and count towards the Internationals)

All 10 with 2 discards will decide the Internationals

There will be a Gold and a Silver fleet with appropriate prizes for each

Travel Info

The nearest airports are Liverpool and Manchester though Birmingham would also be an option. All are within 3 hours drive of the venue. 
There are plenty of Albacore people local to these airports who could arrange pick ups/transport and first night accomodation. Arriving via London airports is an option and you could get a 3 hr train from Central London to within one hours drive of Abersoch.

The nearest container port would be Liverpool (Holyhead on Anglesey may also be a possibility but I would work on Liverpool)

There is plenty of accomodation of all types (camping, caravans, B&B and small hotels) at Abersoch though the event is in the UK school holidays so need to book well in advance. We are encouraging sailors to share accomodation where possible. See links/posts on NAA web page

We are also promoting charter boats and there is already on good option posted on the NAA page

Having holidayed in Abersoch since I was a child I know the area like the back of my hand so if there is anything you or other entrants want info or help on I will get an answer for you.

Please let me know if I've missed any info

Best Regards
Mike Bannner
albacoremike <member at>

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