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See below for info on North Americans at CORK, one of the greatest and one
of only a couple Olympic sailing venues on the East Coast. It's only a 7
hour drive from DC to a fantastic sailing venue. I know Barney is in for
certain, who else is?


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Hi Everyone,

The Albacore North American Championships are in less than two weeks in
 Kingston, Ontario (16th /17th August). There are  20 boats registered and
others are intending  to come.  So, if you want to be part of it register
on the CORK.org site. If you are looking for a helm or crew and want to
find a match let me know  at mneumannto at gmail.com or 416-968-1696.  Howard
Johnson's has rooms booked for the CAA (two queen beds at $98 a night) but
they have been  difficult to deal with. If you would like to use one of
these rooms let me know.

For those who are coming here are some important points to note:
a) Those who cannot make the on-site check-in on Friday by 8pm, there will
be registration package pick up at the registration desk from 8am to 9am
for Albacore sailors only.
b) to permit this  the CORK organizers request that everyone check their
on-line registration details by Thursday 14th August on the participants
page  and email me at  mneumannto at gmail.com with any changes to team names,
and sail numbers in particular so that I can send one email with the
changes to CORK.
c) Saturday morning from 8 to 9:30 there will be a desk near the
registration desk where all teams must present their measurement
certificates and buoyancy certificates.  Spot measurement checks may be
made to boats on Saturday and Sunday
d)  Albacores are to be stored  in the north-west part of the CORK harbour
e) Sailing Instructions will be on-line.  Note: sailing may continue on
Saturday later than 4pm depending on conditions and the forecast to allow
for a reasonable number of races for the event.
f) Parking will be tight.  Information on overflow parking will be
available at the registration desk.

Mary .
647-712-1696 (c)

Michael A. Heinsdorf
mheinsdorf at gmail.com
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