[Pnw-v15] Fwd: June-July V15 event

Erik Coburn erik_coburn at hotmail.com
Tue May 1 18:41:26 EDT 2007

We are interested in hosting something (the date we had in mind was the 
weekend of 7/16) bt I haven't gotten the ball rolling because my life is 
fairly consumed by HS Sailing at least until this weekend.  I think PT is an 
awesome venue and would love to get a dinghy scene going here but do not 
have my meeting scheduled with the NW Maritime Center (would need their 
cooperation) until later this month.


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>Might want to see if Erik in Port Townsend has any regatta plans for his
>group this summer, might be able to do something with them too.
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>I could get behind a northern event.
>Several people have suggested that we do the VLSC regatta June 2-3 and
>since it looks like the calendar is open, a few of us have committed to
>that one.
>To fill up the hole in the calendar it would be nice to schedule a
>Kitsap/Dyes event on June 31-July 1.
>Any chance?
> > --- hebardmf <hebardmf at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> >
> > The Central Kitsap/Dyes Inlet fleet **MAY** be putting something
> > together in June/July.  BUT, nothing is official yet.  The "regatta"
> > would also be a fundraising/promotion opportunity for the non-profit
> > that owns the boats.  *IF* the "regatta" happens, details would be
> > posted to this group AND at http://www.kitsapsailingrowing.org/.
> >
> > -- Matt
> >
> > --- In PNW_V15 at yahoogroups.com, DB <bergstro2 at ...>
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > It looks like the VLSC youth regatta scheduled for June 16-17 is
> > > going to conflict with some HS graduations.  Unless sombody objects,
> > > I think we should scratch it off of the V15 calendar.
> > >
> > > That means we have a gap in our calendar between SOCKS and PCCs:
> > > Socks - May 19-20
> > > PCCs - August 4-5
> > >
> > > I would love to hear if anybody has ideas about events during this
> > > prime sailing season.  An event in late June or early July would be
> > > ideal.
> > >
> > > Dean
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