[Pnw-v15] 2008 V15 Calendar (part 2)

hebardmf at myuw.net hebardmf at myuw.net
Wed Jan 2 16:55:43 EST 2008

I will encourage the CK boats/Team to do the May 17/18 SOCKS?NOOD?regatta.  The CK boats will probably be used for sailing classes during the other regattas.

The 2008 High School schedule is posted here: http://www.nwisa.org/schedule.htm

Note the conflict on May 17/18th.  I don't know how set in stone the Port Townsend regatta is....

-- Matt Hebard

On Wed, 2 Jan 2008, DB wrote:

> HS sailing is an important part of the PNW V15 scene.  At both SOCKS and CGOD last year, we had good youth participation.  I'd like to hear from Burke and others involved in HS sailing to find out what their plans are for 2008.
> I found out a little more about the 2008 Seattle NOOD.  There will be a centerboard course in front of the Silshole Marina just like SOCKS.  Racing is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday (May 17-18).
> The CGRA (and me for that matter) would really like to see good V15 turnout for CGOD again (Aug 2-3).
> A few other dates to think about:
> VLSC have scheduled their annual regatta for June 7-8.  This is a local regatta for WSC sailors so we usually have a decent turnout.
> PCC's are going to be at Treasure Island in SF this year on August 16-17.
> The Lake Chelan regatta is on Sep. 6&7.  I have heard from some local sailors that this is a great event.
> I'm sure there's more, let's hear what people think.
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