[Pnw-v15] Seattle NOOD Entry Form

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Mon Mar 24 02:18:11 EDT 2008

Uhh, did we need to be members to US Sailing for SOCKS last year?  What about 
the CGRA One-Design? CYC Seattle One-Design?  Turkey Bowl?  If we did, 
I guess I owe someone some $$....  But all that is beside the point.  Here's the real issue for "the fleet":

Can the V15 fleet get 6 boats/skippers registered, who are members of US Sailing, prior to April 28th (after the 28th there is a $50 late fee so it becomes ridiculously expensive then) WITHOUT having to rely on High School Sailors to be some of the 6 boats?  If the V15 fleet can, then MAYBE the V15s will have there own start.  Or, maybe V15s will start with another fleet (Tasars) and be scored separately.  If the V15ers want to be assured their own start, we need 10 boats registered.  (This is all from the NOR, paragraph 3.2).  So, try to name 10 V15ers who will do this regatta WITHOUT relying on the High School fleets (Orcas, Port Townsend, Central Kitsap, Bainbridge, Friday Harbor, Port Angeles)...

1) Dean B.
2) Peter S.
3) Zig B.

Kinda hard, isn't it?  I like Dean's approach: make it cheaper, somehow, for the High School kids.  That may make it more likely a fleet will form in time.  I frankly, don't know how many High School Sailors (i.e., those involved in the NWISA circuit) are members of US Sailing.  Maybe there are more than I know, but I doubt it.  I do know that it will be a tough sell to get some families to fork over $25 for the Youth US Sailing membership on top of an already hefty $75 entry fee for a TWO day event.  (Read the NOR, centerboard fleets are Sat. & Sun.).

This fleet relies on the High School crowd.  We should advocate for them as well.

-- Matt

P.S.  I'm looking for a ride on a Melges for the NOODS, anyone know of an open spot ;-)

On Sun, 23 Mar 2008, Peter Shorett wrote:

> Why the heck are you not a member?  You need to be to sail in most
> events.
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> Hmm.  So the regatta entry fee for me is $135.00 b/c I'm not a US
> Sailing member....yet.  Great.
> On Sat, 22 Mar 2008, DB wrote:
>> Attached is the entry form for the Seattle NOOD.  Can't wait to see
> everybody out there.
>> Dean
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