Thanking our Team at TISC

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Fri Dec 14 11:43:35 EST 2007

Greeting V15 Fleet,
If you are a Tenant at TISC you may have already received this - if so, my
apologies for spamming you.
Many of you probably don't realize what the TISC staff does for the facility
and the Fleet.  Their work continually maintains and improves the facility,
grows our outreach programs, and spreads the message of what TISC is all
about to an ever growing audience.  They work for non-profit wages because
they are committed to the vision of TISC and we all benefit from their
efforts.  Those of you who have been around for a few years know what I am
talking about - how many work parties and/or volunteering did you have to do
this year as compared to years past?
The staff deserves a year end bonus for the excellent job they have done.
As always is the case, TISC has a limited budget to pay their salaries, keep
the facility operating, and our programs growing.  Because of this reality,
we are asking those of you who enjoy the facility - Tenants and Fleet
Members - to consider giving a small contribution to our holiday bonus fund
for the staff.  The attached form can be used for your contribution or you
can contribute online at: 

We want these guys to stick around so TISC continues to grow and thrive.
Every little bit helps so please help with this fund!

Happy Holidays!

Nick Adamson
jnadamson at



From: Carisa Harris [mailto:carisa_harris at] 
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 6:50 AM
To: Nick Adamson
Subject: Thanking our Team at TISC

Dear TISC Tenants,


As you may have noticed the lights are on in the trailer and someone is
home!  Treasure Island Sailing Center has, for the first time, a full time
staff of four people.  Executive Director Robbie Dean, Programs Director Amy
Lyons, Office Development Coordinator Zoë Sajor and Facilities Manager Dan
Fishman are on board and taking TISC to new heights.  


This year TISC has won two US Community Sailing awards: The Outstanding Year
Round Program Award, and Robbie Dean received the Outstanding Leadership
Award, both awarded by the US Sailing Association.  TISC was also voted
“Best of the Bay” in San Francisco Magazine as a way to get kids “sailing in
the right direction”.  Youth Program attendance has more than doubled
including over 1100 kids, and a new Co-Able Sailing Program for kids with
developmental disabilities was launched this year with fantastic results.  


We are asking you for help in thanking our great staff by making a donation
to the TISC  Holiday Bonus Fund.  Consider how nice it was to have a clean,
organized, and working facility this year and compare it the previous years
when we were volunteer based
..Our onsite team is invaluable!!  As I am sure
you can imagine, bringing on a full time team has been a big step for
and a big challenge.  A year of substantial growth comes with an
incredibly tight budget.  Please consider making a donation that will
provide our team with the financial support and the appreciation that they


Attached is the donation form, please note "Holiday Bonus" somewhere on the
form and either fax it to 415 421 2208, mail it to 698 1st St. # 112 San
Francisco CA 94130 or email it to holidaybonus at  You can also
visit to make an online


Thank you so much for your support and patronage of Treasure Island Sailing
Center.  Together we can help build a bigger and better community on the


Happy Holidays and I look forward to seeing you on the water in the new


Carisa Harris


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