Is your boat storm secure at TISC?

Matthew Sessions mcsessions at
Thu Jan 3 14:20:54 EST 2008

I just hung up with Nick.  He and Carisa worked this morning to secure the
facility but there are many V15's with masts up.  Unless you have a great
insurance plan and don't mind finding your boat on the shores of Angel
Island, you may want to haul a** to TISC and take your mast down.


On Jan 3, 2008 11:15 AM, Matthew Sessions <mcsessions at> wrote:

> In case you have been living in a vacuum the last few days and are not
> aware, a massive set of storms is barreling down on the Bay Area and our
> beloved TISC.  If you have not taken the time to do so - you may want to get
> to TISC ASAP to check on your boat.
> Rumor has it that Carisa and Nick were down there this morning.  Once
> again - thanks to them for their thankless time and effort at the facility.
> If someone needs assistance, I have my car downtown at work today and
> could meet you during lunch.
> Best,
> Matthew
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