Who wants a trophy???

Jim Barkow jim.barkow at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 18:50:52 EDT 2008

Hi All,

What a great v15/laser year! To celebrate/commemorate/or help wallow in your
hopes for another year we are offering a rather unusual option.

Svendsen's will be giving out trophies for this year- huge thank you to Sean
and the crew! But we'd also like to offer up glass awards. Why?
- if you are like me, i had about 15 people sail with me or my boat and
everyone should get something
- everyone sailed hard and deserves something!
- we drink... and these are glass mugs- perfect.

So here's the *deal:*
- anyone who sailed Thursday nights can get a glass (actually anyone can
order one...)
- the glasses are light blue pint glasses with v15 logo and "thursday night
series 2008" on it in white.
- each boat can get as many as they'd like
- if you order a glass, you get your name announced with scores and names
from Thursday Night Co-Chair Matthew Sessions at Trophy night, regardless of
- top placing in varsity and jv get other prizes too, so relax...
- you don't get any special engraving.
- they are *$7 each*
- must *bring money to trophy night or pay me* (paypal to my email works)
- to order - you must tell me: *how many you'd like and due it by 5pm
Wednesday the 5th*

If there are more than 12 lasers, we'll do laser ones as well.

Jim & Matthew
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