End of Season Awards Party - Tomorrow night

Matthew Sessions mcsessions at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 14:21:11 EST 2008


Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow night at the Bay View Boat
Club for the TISC V15 & Laser fleet end of year bash.  A few reminders:

- Arrive anytime after 6pm.  Sign up now if you have not already:
- Per the BVBC rules, all non-members MUST sign in AND wear a name badge -
this is all of us.

- Buffet dinner at 7:30pm.  Please bring $10 cash and plan on dining.  I
have advised the BVBC galley staff that there will be 60 of us eating so
don't make me look bad.
- Anybody have an IPod docking station that they would be willing to bring
to the party?  Let me know.  Bring your IPod's and we will get a mash up
going.  Otherwise, we can just all wear our own IPod's and look like dorks
when there is no sound in the room and no-one is talking to anyone...just
getting blitzed on the cheap Mt. Gay rum.

- Bring lots of $1, $5, and $10's for ordering drinks.  They are super cheap
and I'm pretty sure the bartenders can't break your $100 bill.
- 2009 Fleet Captains, Thursday night chairs, and all fleet leadership will
be decided and announced tomorrow night.  If you are interested in getting
more involved, you should.  The pay is great and the work minimal.  See Adam
S., Tom, Jim, and myself.  Just a reminder that being elected (appointed?)
fleet leadership does not require your presence or vote.  All winners are
final and get excited if you have been appointed a job for 2009.

- Last call for our special awards including Best Social Chair, Best Crew,
Most Improved, Hottest Crew (new for 2008?), etc.  Please nominate now at
the bottom of the page:  http://vanguard15.org/schedule/
- Winners must be present for all awards and Svendsen's Marine will not
disappoint.  Feel free to thank our ongoing (and ONLY) sponsor and remind
them how much we value their support and services.  While you are at it, buy
Super Jr & Super Sr. a drink.

See you tomorrow.


PS - While the goal tomorrow night is to have a great time, please remember
we are GUESTS of the BVBC.  Like TISC, the bartenders and galley team are
MEMBERS & VOLUNTEERS.  They are not getting paid.  Be patient when ordering
drinks, don't take the old man's bar stool that he has been sitting on for
32 years, feel free to assist the galley crew on clean up, and please don't
p*** in the parking lot.  Let's make our PRO John Super Sr & Jr proud to
host us.
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