Bay Bridge Closure for Final Thursday of 2009

Matthew Sessions mcsessions at
Mon Aug 17 14:48:29 EDT 2009

Hey Vanguardians and Laser sailors,

Unless you live in a cave, you know the Bay Bridge will be closing at 8pm on
Thursday September 3rd.  We have a few options:

   - Move out of the East Bay - traffic sucks year round and it's too hot
   wearing a bullet-proof vest all the time.
   - Petition the State of CA and Caltrans to move the Bridge closure to
   10pm...I'm sure they are flexible.
   - Sail Thursday night as planned and anyone wanting to get to the East
   Bay will need to leave by 7:45pm (sunset is at 7:37 so this is possible).  I
   just spoke to the Bay Bridge folks...anyone can get from TI back to SF at
   anytime during the closure.  In order to get from SF to TI during the
   closure, you must have a pass.
   - Commute via boat from Oakland / Alameda to TISC for Thursday night
   sailing.  Who has a powerboat?
   - Sail Wednesday night (September 2)
   - Sail Tuesday night (September 1)

Please send your votes back to me (no need to Reply All) and we can have an
official decision by this Thursday night.  I have a work event on 9/1 so my
vote would be stick with Thursday night or Wednesday as a first alternative.

Vote early, vote often.

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