Fall Team Racing

Richards, Kevin T ktrichar at ebmud.com
Fri Sep 25 12:45:41 EDT 2009

Yo Team Racers,


Days are shorter, weekends are free, and the word is it's time for some
three on three.  


Fall Team Race #1 will be on Sunday, October 4 at Treasure Island
Sailing Center.  10:00am report time / pre-race discussion, 11:00am
competitors' meeting, and 12:00pm first start.  


Sign up and let me know if you have questions or issues; we can work it
out: http://vanguard15.org/schedule/543




p.s. Save the dates... tentative plans to continue the fall team racing
series on the first Sunday of the month (i.e. November 1 for Fall Team
Race #2 and December 6 for Fall Team Race #3).



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