Svendsen's Thursday Night #2

Amy G oxbowamy at
Tue Apr 6 18:51:19 EDT 2010

Hello fleet!

Svendsen's Thursday Night Race #2 is in two days!

Last week we had 14 vanguards make it to the starting line for 3 great
races. Only two boats are signed up for this week so far.

 Sign up for this Thursday at:

Svednsen's will be sponsoring us this season and the first "Svendsen's
Super Thursday Night" (where scoring points will be doubled and prizes will
be won)  is April 22nd!

Please use first and last names for both skipper and crew.
Pay dues and have waivers signed by both skipper AND CREW.

We also need someone to help out with Social Chair this week. Philip has
signed up but who is going to help him?

~Amy G
oxbowamy at
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