Ski/Sail (April 24-25)

Alex Symes alex.symes at
Mon Apr 12 23:01:23 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone.

The V15s are getting ready for the first travel regatta of the season
Ski/Sail!!!! And it is not too late (or too early) to sign up. There are 8
boats registered so far, so it will be a good event.

If you have a boat, but feel you are not the best skier, no worries! There
are crews available who will help you look like an all-star on the water and
give you some badly needed points on the slope!

And if you are looking to crew, let Avery know! This will be one of those
events that you are sorry to miss.

And if you have both crew and skipper, than just click the link below and
sign up!

<>Let me or Avery
know if you have questions.


PS. Not too early to sign up for Thursday night!
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