V-15 Season opening soon!

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It's time to start thinking and planning for another fun Vanguard season,
which will soon be here. We had a great end-of-the-season party at the
South Beach Yacht Club last October when we sadly said good-bye to Amy G.
It's going to take several people (at least) to replace all of the hard
work that Amy was doing for the fleet.  Unfortunately, we neglected to
elect fleet officers last season since a lot of folks were unable to make
the party (although it was tempting to nominate those who were not in
attendance).  Therefore, the purpose of this email is to gauge any interest
you may have in becoming (or staying) involved in fleet leadership.
Typically we have had a core group of folks who have helped manage our
relationship with TISC, arrange Race Committee, establish dues,  plan
regattas and keep things running through-out the season. The positions we
have had in the past (and that are currently open for the 2012 season)

-Fleet Captain
-Thursday Night Series Co-Chair
-Thursday Night Series Co-Chair
-Team Racing Co-Chair
-Team Racing Co-Chair

If you are interested in helping fill (or staying in one of these
positions) please let me know. I have heard from a few volunteers so far --
but we need more! We desperately need your help to pull this off! It's
really not that much work and it's a lot of fun. Once I hear back from
folks, we'll send out survey monkey to get a better understanding of what
you'd like to see this year and perhaps vote on fleet officers (in the rare
event we receive more than the necessary volunteers). Also, if you see a
need for a new position -please feel free to suggest it.

Please think about getting involved in the Vanguard Fleet this year!


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