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Tue May 15 01:31:21 EDT 2012

Hi All.

As the rust shakes off my sailing skills, I am picking up some notes for
sailing for the rest of the season. I thought y'all might enjoy as well.

Note 1: More Jib Halyard. The rig tension is regulated by the jib halyard,
so make sure you have enough on. You should have enough that your leeward
shroud can move no more than a dime in radius. When the wind blows, you
probably cannot put too much on, but if goes light, you may need to loosen
the halyard a bit. There is a tuning guide online that you can find the
exact numbers for rig tension.

Note 2: Keep the boat as flat as possible. When the boat is flat, the lift
from sail and the board send you forward, but as the boat heels, the lift
shifts from full forward to slight forward slight vertical (causing the
boat to want to tip more).

First, if you are heeled up, no amount of hiking will get the boat flat.
Ease the main first. Once the boat is flat, you can once again trim. Do not
be timid with the ease; start easing as soon as the boat begins to heel.
(If you are repeating this ease-hike-trim, add vang).

Second, ease board. Although this is a bit controversial, if you are having
to ease the main often, it could be that there is too much power in the
centerboard. Raise the board anywhere from 1 inch to a foot going up wind
and you will find the boat much easier to control upwind.

*A little House Keeping: *

1) If you have not paid, please do so right now. I prefer the online method
via paypal on the website. <>

2) Tomorrow (Tuesday) Lacey will be sending out a note on volunteering for
Safe Boating Day this Saturday. This is a great opportunity to cover your
volunteer hours and show the staff at the sailing center that the fleet is
a part of TISC community. The program especially needs people to drive the
J/24s, so if you are avaible for a few hours on Saturday, please join me
down at the sailing center.

I am having a blast so far this year! Hope you are too.



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