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Hey Vanguardians,

We have a really cool opportunity to be part of the world's largest regatta
-- no joke, they're working with the Guinness people -- in honor the late
Bart Simpson.

The regatta's called "Barts Bash", and it consists of regattas held
worldwide on September 21. It'd be great if we could participate by holding
races on Clipper Cove that day. Especially given our location just a mile
or so from where he passed.

So -- who's up for being regatta chair?

More info below and at:

Best regards,


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 Thank you for registering an interest for your club to participate in
Barts Bash 2014.

This is an amazing chance for your club to be part of a world record
attempt for the "largest dinghy sailing race in history", whilst having a
major club event which includes all ages and abilities and makes the most
out of local, regional and national press related to the day. We are also
accepting clubs internationally and we are now accepting Yacht clubs,
windsurfing clubs and model yacht clubs who wish to get involved as well.

We anticipate this being an open event, so it would be great for clubs to
open their doors to local sailors who aren't members, schools in the area,
or any other people who fancy going sailing AND being part of a world
record attempt.

The event is being run through the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation and
has the support of Sir Ben Ainslie. It will take place on the 21st
September 2014.

Ideally we need one point of contact at the club. If this is not yourself,
please let us know who it will be, we will need name, e-mail and phone.

Anyone else from your club who looks to register will receive an e-mail
informing them that your club has already registered and they should
contact their sailing committee for full details. Please mention at your
next committee meeting that you have registered.

As part of the promotion of the event, we would like to put on our facebook
page that you are signed up to the project, if you could provide us with a
photo of the club, a link to your website and a comment such as how you are
really keen to be part of Barts Bash then we can advertise your clubs

Please could you provide us with the following information

1)      Full Club Name

2)      Club postal address or longitude and latitude of the club

3)      Club website

We are looking to map all the clubs involved in Barts Bash and this
information will ensure that your club is on the map.

There wont be much more information coming out till the 1st February so
please bear with us. In the meantime if you could spread the word around
your club and make this an event to remember.


Tim Anderton

Event Manager

Barts Bash -!/bartsbash
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