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Al Sargent asargent at
Wed Jul 16 20:09:28 EDT 2014

Last week was pretty good. 7 races, solid turnout with 12 boats, and a new
fleet addition, a Georgetown sailor racing for the first time in a V15 (and
doing quite well I should add).

Anyways, if you haven't already done so, please sign on up. We have a solid
10 boats registered so far, so we're on track for good turnout:

Matthew & Avery are social chairing, and as always, an accurate count is

We got one charter boat being used by an Aussie sailor in town... I *think*
the other charter is free. Contact Pete if you know of someone that would
like to use it.

Looks like we're on for another nice day, with a high of 70 and breezes in
the teens.

Best regards,


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