Boat Repairs?

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Mon Jun 2 20:07:32 EDT 2014

All -

Thanks to an unfortunate event last Thursday, Matthew and I are bringing
Rufus out to TISC to do some V-15 repairs. Does anyone else have boatwork
that needs to be done? Or a mysterious leak to sort out?

Rufus Sjoberg has been the go-to V-15 repair person for a while. In the
past he's gone to TISC and looked at the boats that need repairs, provided
an estimate, and come back out to do the work. FYI, it's usually up to a
couple hundred dollars for a repair -- not cheap compared to doing it
yourself, but can be worth it if you don't have the time or skills.

If you're interested in having him do some work, let me know the following:
- Boat location/spot #
- Boat description (e.g., "the faded red one with a big crack in the side")
- What the repair is (or just "find the leak and fix it" - usually the
mysterious leaks are cockpit drain hoses, trailing edge of centerboard
trunk, or delamination where the deck meets the hull).
- Your phone number (I think Rufus prefers that to email).

Then I'll send him a list and let him take it from there - not eager to be
the middleman in terms of cash and all that, but at least can get him

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