Update on Bart's Bash

Al Sargent asargent at stanfordalumni.org
Mon Jun 9 20:29:39 EDT 2014

Thought I'd share an update on the Bart's Bash regatta with all of you.

Some context: Bart's Bash aims to be the largest sailing regatta in the
world, and recorded as such in the Guinness Book of World Records. As you
can see from their website (http://www.bartsbash.co.uk/), clubs worldwide
are participating.

Three bits of news I'd like to share:


Bart's Bash starts and finishes must take place between 00.00 on the
21st September
GMT and 23.59 on the 21st September GMT. Here in SF, that window is from 4pm
on Sat 20th Sept to 4pm on Sun 21st Sept.

That means we can do *Bart's Bash on Sunday during the day.* It doesn't
have to be a 3 am start,
as rumored earlier.


To qualify our entries for the Guinness record, we will need the following,
according to the regatta guide:

   1. An independent witness on site. This is normally someone who is not
   connected to TISC, or friend or family. Totally independent and a person
   such as teacher, public servant or other professional. Please send me your
   ideas for this. Perhaps we could have someone from the sailing press attend?
   2. Photography and videography record of the event, possibly the entire
   thing. *Jono*, I'm wondering if we could leverage your GoPro for this?
   In general, the more photos we can take, the better.
   3. Entry, results and follow up process procedure to be followed
   accurately. I think we're in good shape here, since we do this every week.


This is the week before fleet champs (Sep 27-28) and so we will use this
time to load up boats on trailers and roof racks.

So -- sign on up!


Best regards,


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