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Got a trailer at TISC? Read on...

Rolf recently spoke to Travis Lund, our incoming Director at TISC, copied.
Travis is open to some kind of solution that allows the "active" people
with trailers to leave them in an organized stack, for a nominal fee.  But
the first step to that is documenting what is real there, and what is
garbage.  That in mind:

*Everyone who has a trailer at TISC, not in their assigned spot currently
with their boat on it, must come by TISC before April 1, tag their trailer
with their name and let Travis know which trailer it is. A photo from your
phone would be helpful.  Any trailer not so tagged and identified is
subject to being immediately discarded by TISC.  *I understand that this
might seem harsh, but this follows similar warnings which began last summer.

Once the active trailers are identified, then we can work out some
permanent arrangement for them.


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On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 5:43 AM, Al Sargent <al.sargent at> wrote:

> Vanguardians,
> The TISC yard has been getting cleaned up thanks to efforts by Travis and
> team. One bit of work that remains are the trailers in the northwest corner
> of the yard. There are several of them, and Travis doesn't know who they
> belong to.
> My request:
> If you know anything about who owns any of these, please let Travis
> (copied) know. And if you want to look at buying any of these, also let him
> know -- not sure that's an option but it's worth asking. It'd be great if
> some of us had trailers to use for regattas like Tomales, Ski Sail, etc.
> Judging by the out of state license plates on some of these, I'm guessing
> someone towed their boat out here for a regatta years ago and never
> bothered towing back.
> I'm guessing at some point these will get taken away if unclaimed. The
> "trailer pile" has been in the yard for a couple of years at least.
> Thanks,
> Al
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