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Tue Sep 1 16:38:08 EDT 2015

Thanks for all your replies! I heard from half a dozen people who
experienced getting their boats moved-- to clear space for an event, to get
all boats turned stern-in, and to get the spots rearranged. I'll talk to
Travis about how we can avoid being messed with in future.


On Monday, August 31, 2015, Sally Madsen <smadsen at> wrote:

> Hi all, an annoying question--
> We left our boat upside down for the winter, with a hull cover on and the
> dolly disassembled beside it.
> When I came to TISC recently, it was right side up on its dolly... with a
> new hole in the deck, sun damage, and a pile of dirt collecting on top.
> Travis suggested I reach out to the fleet to see if anyone knew anything--
> any insight on this situation? (Why the boat moved, who, when...)
> Thanks,
> Sally
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