2016 Vanguard 15 Nationals Wrap-up

Al Sargent asargent at stanfordalumni.org
Sun Sep 13 20:46:47 EDT 2015

Thanks everyone for taking the time to participate in last week's Vanguard
15 Nationals. I hope all of you had a great time and made some good
memories. Before too much more time has passed, thought I'd share a few
bits of info to wrap things up with Nationals.

... a bunch of them are posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SFV15/
-- feel free to post yours here as well. If FB tells you that you need to
be a group member, just put in a join request and we'll let you in.

... on the proposed Clipper Cove marina development, if you haven't already
signed it: http://saveclippercove.nationbuilder.com/petition ... it'd be
great to have Nationals back at Clipper Cove again someday, and having
water to sail on would help. Please pass it on to have others sign, as well!

... you've probably seen but in case you don't have them, they are here:

*Thank you's*:
... we couldn't have done this regatta without a small army of people,

   - *Steve and Amanda Kleha*, who cooked a great dinner for 70+ people two
   nights in a row, forgoing their chance to race in Nationals. Thanks guys
   for stepping up in a huge way! May you have ample port-tack crossings in
   - *Matthew Sessions, Sam Wheeler, Pete Trachy and Peter Stemler*, for
   setting up our charter boats for our out-of-town guests, and *everyone
   that chartered out their boats*.
   - *Matthew Sessions* (again) for arranging t-shirts and helping me with
   numerous organizational details.
   - *Sam Wheeler & Ben Pedrick*, for hosting Saturday's after party in
   fine V15 tradition.
   - *Justin Foox*, for lining up *Trumer Pils*, our beer sponsor, and
   *Flotek*, our t-shirt sponsor.
   - *Shar Foox*, for handling registration on Saturday and collecting all
   those forms and payments.
   - *Alex Mountjoy*, for having his firm *Dolce Mia* be our participant
   awards sponsor.
   - *Emilio Castelli*, for having his firm *Castelli Vineyards* be our
   wine sponsor.
   - *Svendsens's Marine*, for helping with our dinner expenses and their
   continued support of our fleet.
   - *Matt Ford* of Svendsens for bring parts to sailors in need, myself
   - *Forrest Gay*, for doing an awesome job as PRO! It was such a relief
   knowing that the on-the-water operations were all buttoned down. You're a
   huge asset to Bay Area sailing, Forrest.
   - Our whaler drivers and race committee assistants: *Anna-Pia *and*
   Erich Slowthower, Read Hayward, Chris Somers, Dave Byron, Nicholas Sessions
   *and* Ethan Sargent*. (There were a few others too, please thank them on
   our behalf.)
   - The *Holders, Oldhams, Foox's and Boegers*, for getting the next
   generation of sailors into the V15... young sailors are the future of our
   - *Brian McDonald and Greg Meagher* for serving as judges. Glad we kept
   things boring for you.
   - Everyone who traveled long distances -- *Tennessee, New York, North
   Carolina* -- thanks for making the effort to get out here! I understand
   it's not easy.
   - *Ben Pedrick*, our fleet treasurer, for keeping track of all the
   financial stuff.
   - The Treasure Island Sailing Center crew, including *Travis Lund,
   Luxine Smith, and Carissa Adamson*, for letting us use their facility.
   - *Dean Fulton, Jeff Cody, Read Hayward, *and* Emily Wang* for taking
   - *Alex Mountjoy, Steve Kleha *and* John McBride* for bringing water
   jugs and helping us stay hydrated on a warm weekend.
   - Last but not least, *Matthew *and* Avery*, for being awesome
   competitors and bringing out the best in Maddy and me as sailors. It's a
   gift to be able to race against such good sailors regularly, and your
   continued presence had helped make our fleet what it is.

I hope I didn't miss anyone, if so, my sincere apologies!

Please forward on to anyone I may have missed on this distro.

And get fired up for *2016 Nationals at Larchmont Yacht Club*! Sounds
like *Weston
Friedman <weston.friedman at gmail.com <weston.friedman at gmail.com>> *and*
William Hutchings <wphutchings at gmail.com <wphutchings at gmail.com>>* are your
contacts for that. Please send them your ideas on what worked well this
year, and changes they might want to consider for next year.

Best regards,


asargent at stanfordalumni.org | +1 415 742 1430
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