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Al Sargent asargent at stanfordalumni.org
Thu Jan 7 20:44:39 EST 2016

Remember the High Sierra Regatta? Outlook is looking good that it'll happen
this year. July 9-10.

Details here: http://fresnoyachtclub.org/high-sierra-regatta/

Best regards,


asargent at stanfordalumni.org | +1 415 742 1430

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Date: Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 5:39 PM
Subject: It's High Sierra Time
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Hello Ladies,

Book your camp sites, the HSR is happening and book your camp site asap!
New format of 5 races this year, July 9-10. You have 6 months and 2 days to
hit the gym.

See you there,

The Olson's

Ps- don't monkey with your trailer suspension, even if you're an
'engineer', they're just fine.

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