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Fri Sep 9 14:24:39 EDT 2016

V15 Folks,

As we come in to the end of the season, I wanted to check in with everyone
on the scoring and current standings.  The short version is that the series
scores on the front page of the website aren't quite right for the boats
who raced most frequently, but you can find detailed results and the
correct overall scores at a google doc here
Dan and Claire are currently leading me and my army of crews by one point
overall.  They also have a very solid lead in the fall series, with Team
Sam tied for second with Pete and Christina.

Here's the long version, if you're interested:

As I'm *sure* you all know, the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for
2015 (the most recent set actually promulgated - we should fix that next
year) calls for a high-point scoring system for the series, with five bonus
points for nightly participation.  That means that if ten boats sailed,
first place gets ten points under the high-point system, plus five bonus
points, for a total of fifteen.  Another way to look at it is you get four
points for each night you race plus a point for each boat you beat. The SIs
also put in place a throwout system where only your best twelve races count
towards your final score.  The website is set up to calculate series scores
consistent with these rules.

In addition, we announced early this season that Super Thursdays would be
worth double points in the series.  (We also announced that you could get
bonus points for bringing new sailors out on Super Thursdays, but no one
has claimed points under that rule, so it doesn't affect anything.)

The way we implemented the double points system on the site is to enter the
results for each Super Thursday twice, as two separate but identical
events.  This has generally worked, but creates problems with the throwout
rule for boats that sail most often, since the site treats each of those
duplicate events separately for the purpose of throwouts.  I've set up
the google
to calculate scores correctly, with each Super Thursday treated as a single
event worth double points.  The only boats currently affected by this issue
are 1203 (Dan, Claire, and substitutes), 1651 (Sam and the world), and 1051
(Lee, Rachel, and Bill).

The google doc also includes scores for each of the six-week miniseries we
did this year - spring, summer, and fall.  Because we never discussed
whether to have throwouts for those series, there aren't any this year.
Next year it might make sense to have one throwout per series.

Let me know if you have any questions or other thoughts.

Fleet Captain
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