Sign Up For Fleet Champs!

Sam Wheeler samwheeler.sail at
Wed Sep 28 19:23:10 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Please don't forget to sign up for our 2016 fleet championships at
Inverness Yacht Club on Tomales Bay, October 15th and 16th.  The sign up
page is here:

We have two triple trailers available, one each from Golden Gate Yacht Club
and the Peninsula Youth Sailing Foundation.  I made a spreadsheet for
trailer spots here
Sign up there if you want to claim a spot.  (Sally/Adam and Al/Ethan - I
already signed you up since I knew you were looking.)

If you have your own trailer or cartop situation but would prefer a spot on
one of the triples it's fine to sign up, but we might need you to make room
for someone else if we run out of space.  My goal is just to get as many
boats up there as we can.

Big thanks to Steve for organizing this event!

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