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Pete et all,
I would add a caveat to Franks advise.  Though the right side of the
course may generally have more favorable shifts in wind direction, as
one sails upwind, it is important to monitor wind velocity /
consistency.  It can go light and shifty if you sail too far right.
General rule to keep in mind when balancing the equation concerning how
far right to go is, sail to where the wind it best or a least not worst.
I have also been badly caught out sailing downwind towards Angel Island
on one occasion.  There is often a strong south to north current along
the west side of Angel Island, particularly during an ebb tide.  If you
don't account for this, you can get pushed left of the leeward mark.
The wind often goes light or lighter far left going downwind (not a big
surprise given the reverse is true going upwind) which can make it hard
to make or get back to the leeward mark.
Michael Andrews
811 Bonito


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Hi Pete. On a normal afternoon the thing to do after a start near the
Knox buoy is to sail off on port tack towards Sausalito's Hurricane
Gulch. Eventually you will sail into a port tack header, after which you
will flop over to starboard and be lifted to the top mark out near
Yellow Bluff. This approach even seems to work when current
considerations would suggest otherwise.
There's a good chance that the bottom mark will be tucked in close to
Angel Island down near Pnt. Blunt. Whether approaching or leaving this
mark, you can escape an adverse current by sailing close to the Island.
Hope this helps. One more thing: the Knox course can get very light and
flukey and sometimes a bit frustrating. Be prepared to be patient.
Otherwise, it could be just a great day to be sailing and racing.
Anyone inteested in a raftup in Richardson Bay or Angel Island
Cheers. Frank

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Does anybody from saulsalito want to chime in with some local
knowledge?  I think that we will have a few boats out that haven't
done too much racing in that area.



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Hello ODCA Racers,

Just a friendly reminder that your fleet has signed up to race the
ODCA Knox Race this weekend.  The Current Sailing Instructions and
Participants list are attached, or, you can view the information
online here: http://www.yra.org/ODCA/odca_race_instructions.html

We hope to see all of you out there, have a great race!
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