[Santana 22] regrettably, Santana 561 for sale

Logan Jager jagtek at berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 2 22:58:41 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

It comes with great apprehension that I put my Santana, Return of the  
Vegetables, up for sale.  With my new job, I simply have no more time  
to sail the boat as much as it deserves.  I have enjoyed sailing in  
the fleet for the past 3 seasons, and I think the boat has proven its  
speed nicely.  I wanted to let everyone here know first before I  
advertise it anywhere else.  I'm hoping that one of you knows someone  
that is looking for a race ready 22.  I would like to keep it in the  
racing fleet because there is so much renewed interest.  In case you  
know anyone, here is a quick description:

Then boat is hull number 561.  I purchased it from a fellow in the  
central valley that had it stored in a very dry, very warm storage  
area for years.  The result was that when I brought it to the bay, it  
was probably the lightest, stiffest Santana in the fleet.  Before  
being moth balled for several years, the boat was sailed up on a  
fresh water lake above modesto and probably never saw more than 10  
knots of wind.  I brought the boat down and updated the rigging and  
put a new set of sails on it.  Most of the running rigging is low  
stretch vectran or dyneema with all modern blocks.  The upwind sails  
are the standard pineapples with a full top batten main.  The jib has  
only been used at 2 Nationals and 1 Vallejo race which is 5 days.   
The main has slightly more use, but has excellent shape.  The boat is  
a bit oxidized like all of the old boats, and is not the prettiest  
thing in the world but it is one of the fastest boats in the Bay.   
The bottom and Keel are not the prettiest, but the boat has no  
shortage of speed having finished in the top 5 in the Nationals for  
the 2 years it attended (4th in Santa Cruz in '05 and 5th in '07).   
Actually, excluding the new boats, It has placed as the top Bay Area  
boat in both the Nationals it has raced in.  The rudder is pretty  
fair and the edges are very sharp with minimal hull gap.

The controls are lead back to the cockpit and all work exceptionally  
well.  I put a lot of time placing the jib cars to get the optimal  
jib shape and sheeting angle.  The standing rigging is the standard  
Bay Area heavy air setup and is in good shape.  The headstay is set  
up for max class legal rake and the boat sails with very neutral  
helm.  For some reason we have not experienced the lee helm that the  
tuna is famous for.  The boat is setup for a spinnaker with very good  
fredriksen sheeting blocks.  It has a brand new North 2S which has  
only been hoisted once.  I have done some testing and I believe the  
north kite is faster than the pineapple in everything but super deep  
running.  It has a bit less shoulder than the pinapple and can be  
carried a good 5-10 degrees higher than the bigger shouldered kites.   
It is really a great vallejo or point to point type "in the bay"  
kite.  In all, this boat is a great boat for someone who wants to go  
fast right away.  Being a very stiff hull to start with, the boat is  
also perfect candidate for someone looking to do a restoration if  
they want it to be cosmetically perfect.

The boat is living at Treasure Island Sailing Center where I have  
always dry stored it.  It has a 2 axle trailer with surge brakes that  
is really overbuilt for a tuna but I guess that's a good thing.  I am  
also including a mostly new nissan 4-hp 4-stroke that only needs the  
carb cleaned.

I am asking $4800, which is about the same as the replacement value  
for the sails, motor, and trailer.

If you know anyone interested, I can be reached at: 510-333-5802 or  
jagtek at berkeley.edu.


Logan Jager

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