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Santana Folks,

While it's pretty unlikely any of us will sail our Tunas singlehanded  
to Hawaii (although I think it's a possible thing to do), you might  
be interested in the SSS seminars.  They're very informative and  
interesting.  Much of the information is helpful to those of us who  
aspire to sailing shorter races solo -- say out to the S. E. Farallon  
Island and back each Spring.

Check out the SSS Website for a list of exact dates and locations as  
the Winter rolls by.

Pat ( sort of "arrrh" - it's hard to be a pirate on a 22-foot boat)
"Elaine" #245

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> Arrrh me maties,
> The Singlehanded Sailing Society presents the first seminar in our  
> monthly series on preparing you and your sailboat to successfully  
> race singlehanded from San Francisco, CA to Kauai, HI.  Our first  
> topic is "Getting Started", which will cover the equipment  
> requirements our safety inspectors will check for before you are  
> allowed to cross the starting line.  We will have a number of  
> veteran racers that will share their approach to solving the  
> requirements for their particular boat, one of them will surely  
> work for your boat.  We will also show a 1 hour documentary about  
> the 1986 race.
> The first seminar will be hosted by the South Beach Yacht Club  
> www.southbeachyc.org on Monday October 22, our presentation will  
> begin at 7:30 PM and run until about 10 PM.  There is no charge for  
> attending and everyone is welcomed.  No host bar.
> For more information about the Singlehanded Sailing Society, check  
> our web site: www.sfbaysss.org
> There you will find a link to the Singlehanded TransPac Race page  
> with everything relating to our upcoming 30th anniversary race  
> scheduled to start on July 12th, 2008.
> The tentative schedule for future seminars is as follows:
> November - Emergency Steering
> December - Offshore Communications
> January - Sail Selection and Repair
> February - Electrical
> March - Diesel Engines
> April - Rigging
> May - Provisioning & Return Trip
> June - Medical & Safety
> July Tactics & Weather
> Exact dates and locations will be posted to the SSS web site and  
> the SSS forum as they are confirmed, but you can plan on one every  
> 4-5 weeks, on a Monday or Tuesday night, located at various yacht  
> clubs around the SF bay area.  So stay tuned!
> Pirate Name: Skull Crusher Johnson
> 2008 Singlehanded TransPac Race Chair
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