[Santana 22] Great Pumpkin Regatta (spin pole available)

Nelda Osborne nelda_osborne at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 11:31:55 EDT 2007

Hi Tuna Fleet,
  I have a spinnaker sail that's available for someone to use with Jan's extra pole.  Let me know if you're interested.  You have to come to Sausalito to get it.
  (former Little Wing owner)

Jan Grygier and Patti Boucher <hydrophilos at earthlink.net> wrote:
        Tom et al:
  Great Pumpkin is sailed with spinnakers, sometimes even on "upwind" legs!
  I will take this opportunity to put my own plug in for it - Saturday we get three buoy races sailed in the same area as we had Nationals this year and with RYC's traditionally excellent race committee work (not that other clubs don't provide that...), then a bang-up party Saturday night.  
  Sunday is the pursuit race where we start second (after Cal 20s) and get chased by everybody else around Alcatraz and Angel Island, in either order.  I don't know of a Tuna ever winning this one, but since they have prizes for 42nd and other random places one has about as good a chance of winning something as anyone else.  But the best way to do the pursuit is with your (or someone else's) kids, as the RC drops pumpkins in the water that you can exchange at the prizegiving for assorted swag like kitchenware, water pistols, James Bond paraphenalia, whatever the awards ctte dreams up.  And we have noticed that the zodiac seems to have an excellent child detector aboard, as round orange floating vegetables seem to end up in the water closer to child-carrying boats than others.  It is the one race each year that my kids won't miss, and for the first time in a few years Patti doesn't have to work so we're going to do it as a family.
  If you have spinnaker gear, need an excuse to get some, or even (for Sunday) if you only do white sails, I urge to to go to RYC's web site and enter.  Details, registration and list of competitors are at
This year RYC has modified their formerly extremely generous registration deadline, so you now have to register by Wednesday Oct 24th (by 6PM) to pay only $22 per day (let's hear it for length-based registration fees!), after that it's an extra 25 bucks.  RYC is trying to do all their registrations online; apparently I and 3 others got through OK this time (the program even remembered much of my data from Nationals), so hopefully some of the snafus we were subjected to in August have been corrected.  If you "just don't do online" call the club during the week and ask for a mail-in registration.
  Let's end our "regular season" with a bang! Last year we had 8 boats on Saturday, which I think is the most in recent memory for a spinnaker race.  I'd like to get 10 this year, if it helps any I have a nice second spinnaker pole that anyone can borrow if you have the other stuff.  (Sunday you can sail with or without a chute, I sailed with genoa only last year since it was just me and the boys, we finished in the second half but we still got our pumpkin!)
  Usual Suspects: If I don't see your registration up there soon I may be calling some of you like I did for Nationals, it's the more the merrier...
  Jan "Carlos" Grygier
  510 323 3866 cell
  P.S. In case you haven't heard, this winter our fleet is promoting two winter series: EYC's Jack Frost series (second Saturdays from November through March), see http://www.encinal.org/2008_racing_program.html and Sausalito YC's winter series on the first Sundays of the same months, see http://www.syconline.org/
  But there are also lots of other winter events happening (as well as our annual Party which is Nov 17th at Berkeley YC).  See you out there!

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  Will the Pumpkin be sailed with or without spinnakers?


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  Ted and I need one more person to race the Saturday  Great Pumpkin regatta. We generally rotate positions  for each race, so experienced crew can steer one of  the races. Please let me know of anyone who might want  a ride. Premium commissary.     Heidi Schmidt  "Dominatrix"               ____________________________________________________________________________________  Need a vacation? Get great deals  to amazing places on Yahoo! Travel.  http://travel.yahoo.com/  _______________________________________________  Tuna mailing list  Tuna at myfleet.org  http://myfleet.org/mailman/listinfo/tuna  

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