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Siulieng and  I will be there!

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Hey East Bay Tunas,

The IYC "Jack & Jill +1" race is coming up on Sunday, November 4.

The requirements are simple:  Woman skipper + one Male crew member +  
one additional crew member of indeterminate gender. Sounds like fun!

The courses will be in the Estuary, so the sailing should be mild.

They'll give the Tunas a Division if 5 boats sign up.  It's a perfect  
race for Santana 22s.  If 5 boats sign up, they can decide to go  
spinny or non-spinny/class lapper.

Info at <www.iyc.org> or give Joanne McFee a call at 510.521.7442

Get out and do some Fall Estuary racing!

Thanks, Pat
"Elaine" #38000
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