[Santana 22] Jack & Jill

Jan Grygier and Patti Boucher hydrophilos at earthlink.net
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Hi Tom,
Is that the Albacore that Mark Playsted owns, or was she sold to someone else?  If the latter, any contact info to add to the roster would be appreciated.

As for the orange streamer, I'd say don't bother.  I don't think Jack and Jill is sailed like the Americas Cup, and you don't need to embarrass the skipper by advertising her inexperience.  Remember Cathy Stierhoff almost beat me in her first race as skipper...

Jan "Carlos" Grygier
BTW I tried emailing you alone but your spam filter stopped me, so I'm trying the broadcast method, hope others don't mind.

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I've been ordered to report for crew practice so it appears that Albacore and her new owner/skipper will be racing also.  This will be her first race as skipper so I'm thinking of hanging a pink or orange streamer from her backstay so the more agressive skippers will allow her to have a fun first race.  Thoughts?
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