[Santana 22] Santana 22s on East Coast?

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Hi Arthur,
Thanks for getting in touch.  Alas, I don't know of any boats or fleets on the East coast (there used to be one in Oklahoma, but I haven't heard of it in years).  If Tom Schock doesn't know of any either, your best bet may be to post a message on our class website (santana22.com, then go to message boards). Or advertise on craigslist if it is active where you live (a lot of people seem to buy and sell Santana 22s on craigslist out here).   I will also forward this to the wider email list in case anyone else in Monterey, Seattle or wherever knows of East coast fleets/boats.

Finally, I have another suggestion which feels a bit strange since it is sort of a conflict of interest - before I moved to the West coast I used to sail the Shark (24), which was designed for the Great Lakes and originally built by Hinterhoeller. It is a bit longer, but lighter with a fractional rig, sails very like a Tuna (i.e. well in a blow, not so good in light airs); there are lots of them in Toronto, Buffalo, Ottawa and Montreal (at least). They are also over-built like a Tuna, my dad still races #37 built in 1965 (and he is now 92!).  If you can't find a Santana 22 out there and don't want to trailer one 3000 miles, a Shark might be a decent fit.

Jan Grygier
Carlos, hull #320 (sail 5020)
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W. D. Schock gave me your email address. I understand you were president of Santana Fleet One in SF. I am a former owner of one of the early Santana 22s and sailed it first on Cayuga Lake in upstate NY, then on Cape Cod MA. I sold the boat after nearly 10 years and there followed almost 20 years with a Contessa 26 in ME then MA. I would now like to return to the Santana class and am looking for a used boat. I know there are quite a number for sale around San Francisco and also San Diego but to haul a boat by trailer from one coast to the other is a daunting prospect. I am emailing you hoping that you might know of owners somewhere in the east I could contact, or just possibly a class fleet I could get in touch with. In any case, many thanks for your time and  best wishes with this fine boat.

Art Nilson
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