[Santana 22] Winter Racing

Michael Andrews - MTC michaelan at mtcorp.com
Tue Oct 30 20:05:34 EDT 2007

It can still be either, depending on the preference of the majority.
Can I get a head count of who plans to join Bonito?
Maguro?  The Greatest Thing In The World?  Any Berkeley or other Estuary
based boats?
Michael Andrews


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Did we ever decide whether this was spin or non-spin?
I vote non-spin

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The form for enrolling in EYC's Jack Frost series is now available
through the Club's web-site
orm.pdf).  The deadline for entering for $70 is November 3, after which
the cost will be $80.
Hope to see you on the course this winter.
Michael Andrews
811 Bonito


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Subject: Winter Racing

It is nearly time to figure out which series to do this winter.  I
intend to sign Bonito up to race in the Encinal Yacht Club's, Jack Frost
series scheduled primarily for the second Saturday of each Month,
November through March.
Encinal sets temporary marks for their courses in the area between
Treasure Island and the Berkeley Pier.  This is the venue we raced our
Nationals at three years ago.
I know that Encinal will give us a one design start if five or more
boats sign up and we can choose to race spinnaker or non-spinnaker,
whichever the greater number of people prefer.  I don't mind either way.
Please let me know if you are interested and I will keep you posted
concerning when we may sign up on Encinal's web-site.
The dates are:  November 10, December 15, January 12, February 9 and
March 8.
Michael Andrews
811 Bonito

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