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Sally Adamson Taylor sallytaylo at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 31 20:16:45 EDT 2007

Thanks, Tom. I was more uncomfortable about hurting my most expensive  
headsail, however, as well as neglecting the 12 people that were  
coming for dinner that night.
But Ill see you guys soon again. Im signed up for the Ensinal winter  
series, though, as well as the Island YC "Queen & Diva" series, the  
Sundays of the same weekends, as I love the name!
Doing the Seaweed Soups at GGYC and SBYC Island series, at least all  
that I can. SYC is just too far away with the heavy winter currents  
and little wind.

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On Oct 31, 2007, at 9:31 AM, tmc664 at comcast.net wrote:

Thanks all for the blow by blow replay on the race.  Hopefully I've  
learned a few things about sailing southampton shoals.  I think Sally  
was correct to bail if she was uncomfortable with her sail set up. I  
think to make this fun/safe one needs to stay within their own  
personal comfort zone.
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