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Hope it is ok to weigh in here.
There are several possibilities and someone in the class my have a
But you can donate it to Richmond Yacht Club's foundation or Encinal
Yacht Club's foundation and they will either use it for there
educational programs or sell it to benefit those programs.   Cal Sailing
Club also takes donations.  And there are probably others.
Oakland Parks and Rec's aquatic programs are run by Dana Riley and they
take donations as well.  They have boats in the Estuary and on Lake
Merritt.  The tuna IS a good training boat.
There are numerous chapters of the Sea Scouts in the Bay and in the
Delta that also take donations.
The donations to non-profits can provide a tax deduction.
A class connection or the Yacht Club donations are the most likely to
keep the boat racing in the fleet, but all would keep it sailing.
I'd be glad to help with contact information if you need it.

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Clipper Yacht Harbor is kicking me out of my berth (2-303 in Basin 2)
because they are renovating it.  I have to be gone by April 1, 2008.

Rather than trying to find a new home, I'm throwing in the towel.  I've
made several (half-hearted) attempts to sell my boat without success.
Now I'm willing to give it away.

It's hull/sail number 329, which dates it to about 1968.  It currently
has no name.  It is currently registered and insured.  Feel free to
check it out in berth 303 at Clipper II.

The only thing preventing the boat from going sailing tomorrow is that
the main halyard needs replacing (which requires going to the top of the

In addition to the "main" mainsail and jib (which are kind of worn but
usable), the boat comes with a spinnaker and six other sails, including
a genoa and a "storm jib."  These are mostly in poor shape, but they
might be fun to play with.

The only thing not included is the outboard, which is not currently on
the boat and which I will try to sell separately.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in a free, working Tuna,
please call me at (415) 386-5534 or email me at jhoar at sbcglobal.net.

John Hoar

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