[Santana 22] Vallejo Race and May 10th Tuna Tune-Up

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Fri May 2 12:18:10 EDT 2008

If so I'd like the pattern as well.

Chuck Murray
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        I know I asked this a while back but is their Anyone out there that had a cover made for their boat that may have the pattern 

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        From: Jan Grygier
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        Subject: [Santana 22] Vallejo Race and May 10th Tuna Tune-Up

        Greetings fellow Tuners,
        Two big events are just around the corner - Vallejo this weekend, and a practice/mentoring/fun Tuna Tune-up the following Saturday.

        By now anyone who is doing Vallejo is entered and presumably has the race instructions (go to YRA.org if not), this is just a reminder that at our New Years party we decided to do it white sails only to try to get more like 10 boats rather than our usual 5 spinnaker entries.

        We didn't discuss genoas, but my sense is that while it is a PHRF race, anybody who doesn't have a spinnaker probably doesn't have a genoa either, so to make it more fair we should sail it just main and class lapper.   Since this notice is going out so close to the event I won't personally protest anyone who sails with a genoa (or even a spinnaker, since it is officially PHRF), but as your sometimes fearless leader I'd rather everyone stick to the 125.

        Two more details: we generally try to squeeze as many of us into close proximity in the municipal marina (which is after the YC, for newbies), so if there are other Santanas who finish close to you hang around and try to go in together.  Steve Buckingham is bringing his bbq, I will bring mine, but we don't have an organized potluck this year, just too much going on in my life. (Remember berthing in the marina is $20, but worth it if you want to sleep on your boat, which is basically impossible in the YC.)  And if anyone is short of crew send a fast email to the list or call me, I have just one crew as of now, so perhaps we'd combine boats. 

        Now for the 10th:  I have talked with about half the fleet so far, and I think we have at least 5 boats coming. If you plan on coming but haven't talked to me or Michael yet, please let me know.   Here is the schedule from Pat Broderick:
        1030 (or so) Arrive at the CYC and "check-in" (and sign waivers)

        1100 - 1200 "Chalk Talk" by Jan Grygier and other fast Tuners; look at boats

        1200 - 1300 Lunch and socializing. The "Pelican Grill" is open for burgers, salads, and that sort of thing.

        1300 - 1500 Set up a Start/Finish Line and a short windward-leeward course. Run several "Starts" and several short races with "mentors" on board boats. Switch mentors if possible?

        I can bring my Wyliecat over to use as the "committee boat". I volunteer to be the "committee." (That's Pat...)

        If I have advance notice I think I can borrow several small buoys from the SYC and probably enough signal flags to run the practice races. Or, if there's another source let me know.

        1500 +/- Back to the CYC Harbor for "debriefing" and going home for those departing.

        We are all welcome to stay at Corinthian overnight on our boats; I will be heading back because our family is sailing to KFOG Kaboom that evening (which is the funnest fireworks show of the year, since it always has great music and almost never has fog, a great advantage over July 4th).

        Jan Grygier, Carlos #5020
        510 323 3866 cell
        hydrophilos at earthlink.net



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