[Santana 22] Last week's SYC race at the site of 2009 Nationals

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Thu Feb 12 15:12:25 EST 2009

All - 
I would not mind two half seasons, if we all agree ahead of time what races  
count, and do not have a sail off in the CoC to determine the season  champ.  
Determine the season champ by the combination of all 1st & 2nd  half counters, 
with each two race days counting as two scores.  Have one  individual race 
throw out each half, if we only have ten or twelve individual  races. Maybe the 
fleet hands out a first half and second half winners  trophies/awards.  Send 
each half winner to the CoC.  If the same boat  wins the 1st and 2nd half, send 
the first and second place boats for the entire  season to the CoC. 
As for the Vallejo race, I would prefer sailing with spinnakers, as I would  
imagine it could be a long race without them.  But, we will race non-spin  if 
that is the consensus.  Maybe sail the Saturday of the Big Daddy Regatta  
(3/14) or Saturday of the Wheeler Regatta (3/28) or the Resin  Regatta (4/18 & 
4/19) or the Saturday of the season closer  (9/26) with spinnakers to determine 
the spinnaker class winner.  Get  at least 3 - spinnaker races to make up the 
spinnaker racing season.
That's my 2-cents.
Tom Montoya
Meliki - 5194
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michaelkennedy05 at yahoo.com writes:

2 half seasons sound good to me.
Also-in the past couple of years, we had a couple of bouy events at  
TI/Clipper Cove.  One in the Cove that I messed but looks like lots of  fun, and 
another just outside where we had a bunch of fleet races, then we and  another boat 
stayed after and ran a bunch of match races.  I know we need  permits to put 
on a regatta in most parts of the Bay, but maybe not inside  Clipper Cove?  
Any interest/possibility of an event or 2 like that this  year?
Mike Kennedy
Pariah #146

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