[Santana 22] Subject lien sale at Alameda Marina

John Lundquist jblundquist at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 30 21:41:07 EDT 2010

Hello fleet,

There was some conversation earlier regarding parting out some boats for sale at 
Alameda Marina. I would like to collect any interest in the parts from these 
boats (or should this be done under Messages on the S22 site). I purchased hull 
#27 this spring and wouldn't you know it, it could use some new parts. So, I 
want to start a new hobby fixing boat(s), in addtition to reviving an old one - 
sailing (about 40 yrs ago). Its a difficult hobby as I live 5 hours away from 
the Bay, but I am determined. I am currently trying to purchase a trailer, I 
need to be able to park my hobby in the drive way for those moments of 
inspiration. Every trailer I find has dam boat on. So, I'll probably end up with 
more than one boat. But that's alright because the newer purchases will probably 
be nicer than hull #27. One in the water and the other in dry dock - perfect.

Also, I'll be posting to the Crew List. There are some features with the S22 
rigging I just don't get. My previous experience is with Cal-25 and some 505 
Int, and as I said earlier, its been a while and sailing with others would be 
good for me.

So, I'll throw in on the lien boats.
 John Lundquist
P.O. Box 1337
Chester, CA 96020
t 530.596.3054
GIS Specialist/Geographer
Everything has a spatial element 

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