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Tom McIntyre,  

Sounds like you are in a good proximity to help Keay on the race course for his winter series.  So, to be perfectly honest, you know more than Keay at this point, so go add to his "toolbox" by sailing with him.  Pass your knowledge on!!!  

These are the terms the fleet should be thinking in to grow.  Grow the fleet by getting new and existing owners to be more comfortable in racing, cruising, or day sailing to help others,  The fleet has 40 plus years experience in each of these areas.  I encourage the fleet to please teach others new to the fleet or have a renewed interest in the fleet. Especially the longer term members (the "old timers" please help) of which there is sooo much knowledge.

The Santana 22 is the best, affordable, boat to learn how to sail on S.F.Bay; racing, cruising, day sailing! Marvelously forgiving boat on S.F. Bay.  Just like Gary Mull (the local naval architect that designed this boat) knew it would be. 

Sign up as a fleet member to get all notices.  A lot of information for $35 a year in the SF22 Fleet.  Thirty - five bucks, less than you spend on coffee these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Montoya

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I just checked your race results and you are the smallest/slowest (in theory) boat out there. Pat and Michael have done a good job of describing the pitfalls of port starts. Imo with that fleet you should strive for hitting the line on time and at speed. Even if you nail the coveted  favored end the fleet will roll you so you need to go for CLEAN AIR.  Remember low and fast will get you to the mark faster than high and slow. I just live up the road from Sequoia YC and if I can get away for your next race I'll let you know. Perhaps you can find room for me and I'll try to morph some of my limited experience on you. 
Tom McIntyre
Spitfire #802
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I have been running over in my head how I can do better in my next mid-winters race.  I made several errors in both the start as well as my sail trim.  I know I turn to you guys, maybe a little too often, for information, but hope you might still pass along any thoughts you might have on a diagram I have posted to my santana page.

Thanks Much,


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