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Hi Derek et al,
The optimum crew for 20+kn seems to be three 200 pounders, that's what
long-time YRA champion Mark Lowry sailed with, and Michael Andrews is pretty
close.  If your crew are lighter, you can always add more.  I suspect the
reason more folks don't race with four has more to do with the difficulty in
rounding up two crew for a wet and windy race let alone three, not a
perception that three is faster.
Jan "Carlos" Grygier
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Hey Derek,
You are free to sail with more crew, some boats regularly race with 4 people
(Usqebaugh). It just gets kinda crowded on the boat, which makes tacking
slower. Also, downwind, the extra weight slows you down. We recently did a
beercan with 5 people and that worked really well in 20+ kn wind,



On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 2:50 PM, Derek Meyer <djmeyer16 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi All,
I know that every boat seems to race with 3 people.  I am wondering why when
it is really windy a fourth is not added?  From what I can tell, it is not
illegal according to the class rules.  I also know that boats of similar
size, such as the J22, race with 4.  How come no one does it here on the
bay, when the wind speed consistently exceeds 20 knots?  Any insight would
be welcomed.  Thanks,

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