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Same for Dominatrix. Ribs ok here, but the outboard is iffy.


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Ribs and weather permitting Spitfire is in, double handed non-spin.

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Hello Tuna sailors!
Anyone planning on sailing the Rites of spring? It's either full-crew 
women-only, or double-handed, see the email below. Byte Size and I are planning 
on sailing. I'd prefer to sail with spinnaker, but if others want to sail white 
sails that'd be fine too.


"Byte Size" #801

Time again for the Short-Handed and Women's-Full-Crew Rites of Spring Race.  
 Saturday-March 19 is the day.  Hopefully, the weather will be a little better 
at Harding Rock this year.   As always, we will make the line wide, use the 
radio liberally and make every effort to make it a fun race.  So get your 
partner, or just bring yourself, have a fun racing day, then come up to the club 
and tell war stories with the competition.
We are working  hard to build up the women's full crew division.  So, if you 
know of some ladies who would like a testosterone-free race experience, please 
let them know about this.  

As usual, t-shirts will be some beautiful weird color.
if you prefer,  you may register and pay on line at :  
OaklandYachtClub.net also has information.  
See you out there-any questions just contact me at this email address.

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