[Santana 22] Tuna Digest, Vol 138, Issue 1

John Foster adjuvantjfoster at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 11 11:51:03 EST 2012

Happens at marinas all over. 

Best to get a really heavy motorcycle chain and two matching locks. One lock to "choke" the chain around the neck of the outboard head where it joins the shaft, and the other lock to A massive pad eye in the motor cut out where, with the motor in place, the pad eye can't be reached with bolt cutters.

Even with all that, a portable drill with a cut off wheel will get your outboard if there is no one around to react to the noise. Having said that, how many homeless drug users have access to such tools?

An new outboard costs a good fraction of a neglected quality of Tuna,


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> If you keep your tuna at TI and keep your outboard on it you might want to check it's still there - mine was stolen.
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