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Steve's got a really good point, wish I had said that. My boat is pretty
rough, but after thinking about it, pounding on it is out of the question.
The bottom line is that a new one costs about $30k, I paid $900 to someone
who bought it for $500. So, I got a $31400 boat that's worth a million. So,
throw out my pounding block idea and go with Steve. And as for the
hydraulic jack; they use hydraulics to crush cars. There isn't a Tuna on
earth deserving of that. Thanks Steve.

On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 6:17 AM, Steve Pedersen <
steve at highgroundorganics.com> wrote:

>   Hi Mary,
> You really should be able to remove and re-insert the rudder by hand.
> I would try going over the shaft with a piece of fine emery cloth to make
> sure it is free of corrosion and pitting, and if it still is difficult I
> would try putting water-proof grease on the shaft.
> Best of luck,
> Steve Pedersen
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>  Before winter I removed my rudder, which had a hairline crack on its
> bottom surface, and brought it indoors away from our sub-zero temps so that
> it could dry out.  It took quite a bit of pounding with a mallet to get
> the shaft and rudder all the way out.  Now, as I contemplate re-inserting
> it after the repair, I am at a loss as to where I will pound on it to get
> it back up all the way where it belongs.  Pounding from the bottom on the
> new repair does not seem like an option. Any ideas out there?
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