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Wed Feb 18 20:08:41 EST 2015

Dear Tuna skippers,

Stefan Berlinski is the new fleet captain of the SC fleet and would like to
extend the invitation to all Tuna skippers to come over to SC for some team
racing. A few of us (Deb, Leah, Keay) have crewed in these events and had a
blast. They are racing the 2nd *Sunday* this spring instead of Saturday.
The next regatta is March 8th and they would love to have any Santana
sailors come down and crew for us or even charter a boat. Please email
Stefan for more details (coqavin at att.net).

Sally Richards from Pineapple sails has a mystery S22 main in their loft.
It's a North Sails main with slots, sail#664 and on the bag it says #5025.
The boat Fun Zone from Tom McIntyre had the #664, but Tom doesn't know
anything about the sail. If it's yours or if you know who it belongs to,
please email Sally (sally at pineapplesails.com). She also has pictures.

Who is up for sailing the Big Daddy regatta March 7, organized by RYC? 5
boats will give us our own start with 3 buoy races, white sails. I've heard
from 3 boats they are planning to come, so it should be a fun regatta.

We will let you know ASAP when the fleet meeting will be, stay tuna'ed

Anna Alderkamp
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