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Dear Tuna skippers,
Please welcome Kristen Soetebier as our new co-fleet captain for 2015!

Thanks to all of you who came out to the fleet meeting, it is great to see
what a supportive and nice bunch of people we have in the fleet! Below is a
short recap of the meeting:

We are very excited to plan the 2015 nationals at Corinthian Yacht Club
July 17-19, and hope to get a record turn out for the 50th anniversary. We
are reaching out to the Santa Cruz and Monterey Peninsula fleets to try and
get as many boats out as possible. Team Alegre and team Carlos have offered
to help trailer boats if that is necessary. People also offered spare
bedrooms and floorspace to crash, and the RYC and Treasure Island have
storage available for trailers and/or boats if people want to come up for
longer than just the nationals. Please help spread the word and get as many
boats on the line as possible!

Deb Fehr, Jennifer McKenna and James Dilworth will look into T-shirts,
bags, and/or sponsoring options.

Kristen and Anna will work with the CYC and PRO Mike Gross to get the NOR
out as soon as possible.

Two new skippers & family came to the meeting and will be mentored.

The spinnaker series has a mistake in the dates  as the SSS Corinthian race
is March 21.
The throwouts for the white sails series will be 6 races.

Other activities:
Several boats and crew will come to the starts clinic on March 22
James Dilworth will organize a cruise out some time later in the season
Anna will organize a spinnaker clinic later in the season

Other items:
Please review the new YRA minimum equipment rules that now also include "A
boat is recommended to have a throwing sock-type heaving line of 50' (15m)
or greater of floating polypropylene line readily accessible to the
cockpit.  Beginning 1/1/2015 it will be required" YRA requirements can be
found here: http://www.yra.org/racing/EquipmentRequirements.html

If you haven't payed your fleet dues, please send a check of $35 made out
to Wayne Best to:

Wayne Best
47 Maywood Way
San Rafael, CA 94901

Hope to see many of you out on Sunday 22 March for the starts clinic. It
now looks like we have a surplus of crew, so please let me know if you have
space for another crew or two.

Fair Winds,
Anna Alderkamp

On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 7:44 PM, Santana22 San Francisco <
santana22sfbay at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Tuna skippers,
> It's time for our yearly fleet meeting in the sail loft of Pineapple
> sails in Alameda to discuss the upcoming season. Please let me know if
> you're planning to come, the fleet will get pizza, if you can bring some
> drinks to share it would be great! The address is:
> 2526 Blanding Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
> Please dress warmly as the loft isn't heated. Below is the agenda:
> *1) Introductions*
> A quick round to introduce everyone
> *2) Fleet captain vacancy*
> Unfortunately, Garth Copenhaver is moving out of state and resigning as
> co-fleetcaptain for personal reasons. This opens up a vacancy as
> co-fleetcaptain and/or nationals regatta chair (see below). Fleetcaptain of
> the Santana 22 fleet is an awesome "job" in this friendly and supportive
> fleet. Would anyone be interested in stepping up? I'd be happy to stay on
> for another year and share the responsibility, but I'm equally happy to
> step down is there is a pair of folks who want to do it together. I highly
> recommend doing it together with someone, it's just a lot more fun. You
> don't need to be an experienced racer, enthusiasm is enough. It's a great
> opportunity to get to know a lot of great people and organize some fun
> events. Please let me know if you are interested and we'll discuss it with
> the fleet on the 13th.
> *3) Nationals 2015*
> 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the designs of our beloved Tuna. It would
> be great to commemorate this in some way, preferably during nationals.
> Nationals will be held at CYC on 17-19th July. We are looking for someone
> who would be willing to be the fleet representative for this. This could be
> together with being a (co) fleet captain or separate. There is a lot of
> help and experience available in the fleet, but we need someone to take
> charge. Unfortunately, I cannot be the main responsible person for personal
> reasons. Please let me know if you are interested taking this on and work
> with CYC and the fleet to make this a success. Again, you don't need a lot
> of experience, enthusiasm is enough. Kristen Soetebier has volunteered to
> help.
> *4) Mentor program*
> The S22 fleet has a mentor program for new members. The idea is to pair
> newcomers to the with an experienced skipper who will answer all your
> questions and hopefully sail with you once or twice, or shanghai you into
> being racing crew. Please let me know if you are interested in being a
> mentor or mentee and we'll try to pair you up. (as a shameless plug... Byte
> Size is looking for crew for 2015).
> *5) Racing*
> We have asked your input on the 2015 racing season via email, below is the
> schedule with 7 throwouts for the white sails and 1 for the spinnaker
> series:
> 2015 Spinnaker Seriesscores <http://santana22.org/#series1>
> ------------------------------
> SSS Three Bridge Fiasco <http://santana22.org/schedule/253> Jan 31
> ------------------------------
> SSS Corinthian <http://santana22.org/schedule/251> Mar 28Vallejo
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/252> May 2 - 3Jazz Cup
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/242> Sep 5   2015 White Sails Seriesscores
> <http://santana22.org/#series2>
> ------------------------------
> Wheeler Regatta <http://santana22.org/schedule/246> Apr 11YRA Spring 1
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/244> Apr 18YRA Spring 2
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/245> May 16YRA Spring 3
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/247> Jun 13YRA Summer 1
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/248> Jul 11Nationals
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/241> Jul 17 - 19YRA Summer 2
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/249> Aug 8YRA Summer 3
> <http://santana22.org/schedule/250> Sep 12
> *6) Other activities*
> -On March 22 we'll have our annual start clinic on Treasure Island,
> organized by the authoritative Frank Lawler (Tackful).  This is always a
> lot of fun, including a pot luck lunch with feedback.
> -I'm happy to organize another spinnaker clinic some time during the
> summer to get more people into spinnaker sailing.
> -Any other initiatives?
> *7) Comments and questions*
> Anything else that may come up
> *Sails measuring*
> Jan will be there to measure your sails
> *Don't forget!*
> -July 27-19 (Nationals, CYC, Knox course)
> -please bring $35 in fleet dues.If you're writing a check, please make it
> out to Wayne Best.
> To get an idea about the next season, please let me know:
> -if you're coming to the fleet meeting (so we can get enough pizza)
> -if you are planning to race white sails (or why not if not)
> -if you are planning to race spinnaker
> -if you can help with organizing
> -anything else that can help us being a more fun and friendly fleet
> We'd particularly like to hear from new members, even if you cant make it
> to the fleet meeting, let me know what you think. And if you can make it,
> please stop by to get to know other skippers,
> Fair winds,
> Anna Alderkamp,
> Santana 22 SF Bay Fleet captain
> "Byte Size" #801
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