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Thanks! Glad I asked!

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> To be clear,
> Checks should be made out to Wayne Best (we don't have to pay fees over a
> personal account)
> Cheers,
> Anna
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> wrote:
>> Should the checks be made to Wayne Best or to Santana 22 Fleet?
>> Cathy
>> P.s.
>> Sorry we couldn't be there. Awesome work being done!
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>>> Dear Tuna skippers,
>>> Please welcome Kristen Soetebier as our new co-fleet captain for 2015!
>>> Thanks to all of you who came out to the fleet meeting, it is great to
>>> see what a supportive and nice bunch of people we have in the fleet! Below
>>> is a short recap of the meeting:
>>> Nationals:
>>> We are very excited to plan the 2015 nationals at Corinthian Yacht Club
>>> July 17-19, and hope to get a record turn out for the 50th anniversary. We
>>> are reaching out to the Santa Cruz and Monterey Peninsula fleets to try and
>>> get as many boats out as possible. Team Alegre and team Carlos have offered
>>> to help trailer boats if that is necessary. People also offered spare
>>> bedrooms and floorspace to crash, and the RYC and Treasure Island have
>>> storage available for trailers and/or boats if people want to come up for
>>> longer than just the nationals. Please help spread the word and get as many
>>> boats on the line as possible!
>>> Deb Fehr, Jennifer McKenna and James Dilworth will look into T-shirts,
>>> bags, and/or sponsoring options.
>>> Kristen and Anna will work with the CYC and PRO Mike Gross to get the
>>> NOR out as soon as possible.
>>> Mentoring:
>>> Two new skippers & family came to the meeting and will be mentored.
>>> Racing:
>>> The spinnaker series has a mistake in the dates  as the SSS Corinthian
>>> race is March 21.
>>> The throwouts for the white sails series will be 6 races.
>>> Other activities:
>>> Several boats and crew will come to the starts clinic on March 22
>>> James Dilworth will organize a cruise out some time later in the season
>>> Anna will organize a spinnaker clinic later in the season
>>> Other items:
>>> Please review the new YRA minimum equipment rules that now also include
>>> "A boat is recommended to have a throwing sock-type heaving line of 50'
>>> (15m) or greater of floating polypropylene line readily accessible to the
>>> cockpit.  Beginning 1/1/2015 it will be required" YRA requirements can be
>>> found here: http://www.yra.org/racing/EquipmentRequirements.html
>>> If you haven't payed your fleet dues, please send a check of $35 made
>>> out to Wayne Best to:
>>> Wayne Best
>>> 47 Maywood Way
>>> San Rafael, CA 94901
>>> Hope to see many of you out on Sunday 22 March for the starts clinic. It
>>> now looks like we have a surplus of crew, so please let me know if you have
>>> space for another crew or two.
>>> Fair Winds,
>>> Anna Alderkamp
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>>>> Dear Tuna skippers,
>>>> It's time for our yearly fleet meeting in the sail loft of Pineapple
>>>> sails in Alameda to discuss the upcoming season. Please let me know if
>>>> you're planning to come, the fleet will get pizza, if you can bring
>>>> some drinks to share it would be great! The address is:
>>>> 2526 Blanding Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
>>>> Please dress warmly as the loft isn't heated. Below is the agenda:
>>>> *1) Introductions*
>>>> A quick round to introduce everyone
>>>> *2) Fleet captain vacancy*
>>>> Unfortunately, Garth Copenhaver is moving out of state and resigning as
>>>> co-fleetcaptain for personal reasons. This opens up a vacancy as
>>>> co-fleetcaptain and/or nationals regatta chair (see below). Fleetcaptain of
>>>> the Santana 22 fleet is an awesome "job" in this friendly and supportive
>>>> fleet. Would anyone be interested in stepping up? I'd be happy to stay on
>>>> for another year and share the responsibility, but I'm equally happy to
>>>> step down is there is a pair of folks who want to do it together. I highly
>>>> recommend doing it together with someone, it's just a lot more fun. You
>>>> don't need to be an experienced racer, enthusiasm is enough. It's a great
>>>> opportunity to get to know a lot of great people and organize some fun
>>>> events. Please let me know if you are interested and we'll discuss it with
>>>> the fleet on the 13th.
>>>> *3) Nationals 2015*
>>>> 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the designs of our beloved Tuna. It
>>>> would be great to commemorate this in some way, preferably during
>>>> nationals. Nationals will be held at CYC on 17-19th July. We are looking
>>>> for someone who would be willing to be the fleet representative for this.
>>>> This could be together with being a (co) fleet captain or separate. There
>>>> is a lot of help and experience available in the fleet, but we need someone
>>>> to take charge. Unfortunately, I cannot be the main responsible person for
>>>> personal reasons. Please let me know if you are interested taking this on
>>>> and work with CYC and the fleet to make this a success. Again, you don't
>>>> need a lot of experience, enthusiasm is enough. Kristen Soetebier has
>>>> volunteered to help.
>>>> *4) Mentor program*
>>>> The S22 fleet has a mentor program for new members. The idea is to
>>>> pair newcomers to the with an experienced skipper who will answer all your
>>>> questions and hopefully sail with you once or twice, or shanghai you into
>>>> being racing crew. Please let me know if you are interested in being a
>>>> mentor or mentee and we'll try to pair you up. (as a shameless plug... Byte
>>>> Size is looking for crew for 2015).
>>>> *5) Racing*
>>>> We have asked your input on the 2015 racing season via email, below is
>>>> the schedule with 7 throwouts for the white sails and 1 for the spinnaker
>>>> series:
>>>> 2015 Spinnaker Seriesscores <http://santana22.org/#series1>
>>>> ------------------------------
>>>> SSS Three Bridge Fiasco <http://santana22.org/schedule/253> Jan 31
>>>> ------------------------------
>>>> SSS Corinthian <http://santana22.org/schedule/251> Mar 28Vallejo
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/252> May 2 - 3Jazz Cup
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/242> Sep 5   2015 White Sails Series
>>>> scores <http://santana22.org/#series2>
>>>> ------------------------------
>>>> Wheeler Regatta <http://santana22.org/schedule/246> Apr 11YRA Spring 1
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/244> Apr 18YRA Spring 2
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/245> May 16YRA Spring 3
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/247> Jun 13YRA Summer 1
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/248> Jul 11Nationals
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/241> Jul 17 - 19YRA Summer 2
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/249> Aug 8YRA Summer 3
>>>> <http://santana22.org/schedule/250> Sep 12
>>>> *6) Other activities*
>>>> -On March 22 we'll have our annual start clinic on Treasure Island,
>>>> organized by the authoritative Frank Lawler (Tackful).  This is always a
>>>> lot of fun, including a pot luck lunch with feedback.
>>>> -I'm happy to organize another spinnaker clinic some time during the
>>>> summer to get more people into spinnaker sailing.
>>>> -Any other initiatives?
>>>> *7) Comments and questions*
>>>> Anything else that may come up
>>>> *Sails measuring*
>>>> Jan will be there to measure your sails
>>>> *Don't forget!*
>>>> -July 27-19 (Nationals, CYC, Knox course)
>>>> -please bring $35 in fleet dues.If you're writing a check, please make
>>>> it out to Wayne Best.
>>>> To get an idea about the next season, please let me know:
>>>> -if you're coming to the fleet meeting (so we can get enough pizza)
>>>> -if you are planning to race white sails (or why not if not)
>>>> -if you are planning to race spinnaker
>>>> -if you can help with organizing
>>>> -anything else that can help us being a more fun and friendly fleet
>>>> We'd particularly like to hear from new members, even if you cant make
>>>> it to the fleet meeting, let me know what you think. And if you can
>>>> make it, please stop by to get to know other skippers,
>>>> Fair winds,
>>>> Anna Alderkamp,
>>>> Santana 22 SF Bay Fleet captain
>>>> "Byte Size" #801
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