[Santana 22] Starts clinic This Sunday 22 March

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This was one of the most fun I had sailing last year.  Highly recommend 
it !!

On 3/18/2015 9:32 PM, Santana22 San Francisco wrote:
> Dear Tuna Skippers,
> Please let us know if you are planning to come to the start clinic. 
> Indicate if you would like some crew (a few people will come without 
> their boats) or if you would like to crew for someone else. Please 
> bring some food and drinks to share for the potluck lunch, probably at 
> Treasure Island Sailing Center, as the docks of the marina are in 
> sorry shape.
> Hope to see many of you on Sunday!
> S-22 Annual Start Clinic
> *_When_**:*Sunday*, *March 22 at 11:00 hours
> *_Where_**:*Treasure Island Cove
> *_What_**:*A series of timed starts, each followed by a short beat to 
> windward and a downwind finish. Included is a potluck dockside lunch 
> break and a discussion of starting strategies.
> *_How_**:*To enable more starts, we will use only a 3-minute 
> countdown. The sound signals will be at:3:00
> **2:00
> 1:00
> 0:00
> Boats will be notified approximately 60 seconds before each impending 
> start on Ch. 71. */Tackful/* will be the committee boat.
> *_Pertinent Rules: _*
> Besides the obvious port/starboard, it is suggested that the rules 
> governing an overlap and windward/leeward be reviewed.
> *_Suggestions for a successful start:_*
> *1)*Stay close! If you**begin your**final approach from two minutes 
> out and your timing is off by 20%, you will be 24 seconds late for the 
> start. From one minute out you would be 12 seconds off, but from 30 
> seconds out, only 6 seconds late.
> *2)*Time the line! Know how long it takes your boat to sail down the 
> line from committee boat end to the pin end. If, for example, it takes 
> 30 seconds, then should you pass by the committee boat with more than 
> 0:30 remaining on the countdown, you will know that you must slow down 
> so as to not run out of line (pass beyond the pin end) before time 
> expires.
> *3)*Review and understand the rules regarding overlap and 
> windward/leeward. Before the start there is always the danger that a 
> boat below you could head up and force you above the line. In this 
> situation you want to be very clear about when boats are overlapped 
> and when they are not. All this is leading up to the importance of 
> keeping your leeward quarter clear. Try not to let a boat coming up 
> from below gain an overlap and luffing rights.
> *4)*A port tack start should only be attempted by experienced sailors 
> who are confident in their boat handling skills. This is where having 
> timed the line is most important. As in our earlier example, if the 
> line is 30 seconds long and no starboard tack boats have reached the 
> committee boat end with 0:30 remaining, you then know that at 0:00 the 
> pin end will be clear. I recommend that you be on starboard near or at 
> the pin when you make your decision so that you need only a well-timed 
> tack onto port to put you back at the pin when the gun goes off.
> *__*
> What if you see boats at or beyond the committee boat at 0:30 and you 
> have to give up on a port start and go to Plan B? You still have 
> enough time to tack onto port and sail back down the line, looking to 
> tack back to starboard when you find enough space between approaching 
> boats to do so. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
> *_Questions: _*Feel free to contact me at tackful at hotmail.com 
> <mailto:tackful at hotmail.com>or at 415-331-5578 <tel:415-331-5578>.
> We have done this for several years now and it has always**been fun as 
> well as instructive. Please join us!
> Cheers,
> Frank and Anna
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