[Santana 22] Shroud Tension for Mast Tuning

Pete Mahowald pete at mahowald.org
Sat Nov 12 08:16:09 EST 2016

Hello Santana 22's,
     What shroud tension do you recommend?  Muzzy (Sequoia Yacht Club) 
has a some lightweight mast support in the salon and the rigging is good 
but not new.  I see this on the web and wonder if this is in line with 
your experience (below).  The reason is we put a new mast on her.  I 
don't see anything in the recent archives...

/"Oreo goes with about 480 lbs on the uppers and 380lbs on the lowers for 
the summer breezes. These pounds relate to the pounds of tension prior 
to loads. On the Loos B gauge this is 22 on the uppers and 18 on the 
lowers. For the NAs I went up to 25 on the uppers for the 25 knot plus 
breezes."/Also this later message on Santana 22's web page
  I would say 380/480lbs are good for racing but maybe a bit tight on
the uppers for year round storage. It is also still a great technique
to just add turns until the leeward shrouds are not slack in ~10
knots of breeze. Just make sure that you add equal turns to both

I also see this

Wire thickness = Loos Gauge setting (lbs)
5/32nd wire = 30 Loos (uppers)
3/16ths wire = 35 Loos (lowers (upgraded from 5/32nd))
5/32nd wire = 900 lbs (forestay)
1/8th wire = 350 lbs (backstays)

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