[Santana 22] Reminder: Fleet Meeting Tomorrow Night

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Good question.  Yes, I don't remember how formal we have been in the past, but it is good practice to keep some sort of minutes or notes, and we can arrange to send those around as requested.
Thanks for mentioning.

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Hi Deb & Kristen,

I'm sorry! I won't be able to make it tonight.  Will you be posting  
the minutes later?

Sail la Vie, Benicia

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> Ahoy!
> Just wanted to remind everyone the fleet meeting is tomorrow night (Friday)
> at EYC. Social hour at 6:30 with the meeting starting at 7:30.
> One of the big topics of discussion will be the upcoming season. I've been
> comparing the YRA and CBRA race schedules, and it looks like we will be
> doing another combined season. CBRA races conflict with the Great Vallejo
> Race, Delta Ditch Run, and Jazz Cup (Labor Day weekend). Only one of the
> YRA races dates conflicts, which is with Nationals (and the only South Bay
> race day).
> Another big topic is Nationals. Kristen and I can't do it ourselves, so we
> are looking for volunteers.
> Racing is not the only thing we are discussing, so everyone who is
> interested in getting to know the fleet, please come by.
> Even if you are going to be late, please stop by!
> See you tomorrow!
> Deb and Kristen
> Co-fleet captains

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