[Santana 22] Gas and battery placement

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Can't help with the swim ladder, but re: the fuel platform: attached are a couple pics from rebuilding the fuel tank platform in #170. This is at the forward end of the starboard locker.  Can't find a pic of the final product, but I just screwed and painted a piece of marine ply onto the inboard vertical piece and onto the cleat stock that is attached to the bulkhead. Then installed a strap to secure a 3 gallon tank and 1 gallon spare jug in place.  
  Note the platform is (1) slightly smaller than the original, which was unnecessarily large and (2) has a gap at the forward corner to let water drain through (the old platform was rotten mush because of water pooling there).  A standard fuel line was long enough to get from there up through a cowl vent to the motor.  I've seen some tunas with the platform at the aft end against the transom, which makes for a less cluttered locker, but also makes for a smaller space which might not fit your 6 gal tank -- plus it puts weight further aft.  My battery was just forward of the mast, ask described by others.
Good luck!

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Thanks John,
It’s really great to hear from you guys. 
One more ? is does anybody have recommendations for a swim ladder?
Thanks Again,

On Jul 20, 2017, at 9:29 PM, John Lundquist <jblundquistgis at gmail.com> wrote:
Good topic.Presently no shelf under the cockpit on my boat either, everything just migrates to the bottom, gets wet and disorderly. Really disorderly.There is a thing called tabbing. I thought of tabbing in wooden blocks to the hull and building off the blocks with wood for a shelf. Need to be able to bail out next the bulkhead. (mine is rotten, another project)
Shape the blocks as close as possible to curvature of the hull. Glass in with fiberglass and resin. Don't breath. Or perhaps use a good marine adhesive, after prepping the haul. (mine has paint on it) I have Hull #27. Bulkhead and all support under the mast was rotted. Used 3 3/4 exterior plywood sandwiched together. One of the pieces cut to match the hull (it's curved and that was an adventure), the others match what was left after removing rotted wood.
There is a book called This Old Boat, I like it, very helpful. The author suggests getting and keeping the boat in the water so you don't get discouraged; I followed that advice and had tools and materials on the boat for two years. Every time I went to the boat the wind blew. Didn't get much work done.
This year is different, boat is next to driveway and I'm making progress. (But I'm experiencing anxiety.)
John, Hurry, air is not something to be wasted. We, as a fleet need to share more information (just an opinion); I'm a landlocked Tuna at Lake Almanor, CA; at least 5 hours from a body of salt water (my preference). And on another note, I believe fresh water is more damaging to wood than salt water, so beware.Best Regards,j
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Hello Ron & Mike,
I crawled into the cockpit lockers and noticed two eye hooks, about 16” apart, low in the cabin bulkhead with an old bungee chord attached, which looked to, possibly, be where the former owner stored the gas tank. I’m thinking maybe build a frame for the tank to sit on, to keep it up from any accumulated water, strap it down and add a couple of feet of gas hose. It seems like an easy fix, I would appreciate your valuable input.
I like the battery ideas.
Thanks A Million,
John Kehoe630 621 2122johnkehoe at ameritech.net

On Jul 19, 2017, at 5:29 PM, michaelkennedy05 <michaelkennedy05 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi JohnShelf for gas tank is a good idea. Mine is mounted to the side of the cockpit with support to the hull below
Battery goes down below-just in front of the main bulkhead.  You really dont want it in the same compartment as the gas.  Blammo. Mike

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I’m a novice sailer in Sault Sainte Marie, MI, at the outlet of Lake Superior, on the Saint Mary’s River. with a Santana 22. I would like to mount a shelf, to accommodate a 6gal. gas tank and battery/batteries from the stern, port to starboard sides. Does anybody out there have an opinion as to wether mounting the shelf to the hull is a good idea. I’m looking for the most efficient way to stabilize  and level gas tank and battery/ies without effecting boat design.
John Kehoe630 621 2122johnkehoe at ameritech.net

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